PowerBlock 1500 (12V 120Ah) Slimline Lithium Battery




Slimline lithium battery as used in our behind seat and wheel arch battery modules, perfect for dual battery installs in tight spaces.

**Special order product – please contact us for delivery times**

  • Portable, clean and safe Lithium (LiFePO4) battery provides 1500 watt hour of usable capacity – burn less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions when running high loads for long periods
  • Long cycle life – >2000 @ 100% depth of discharge
  • Lower weight, smaller size – Just 16Kg compared to >50Kg for AGM equivalent
  • Plug and play anderson connections provide multiple input/ouput configuration for DC distribution enabling fast and easy deployment
  • 250A max discharge capability – perfect for use with larger inverters (up to 2300W continuous)
  • 100A max charge capability – fast charge from AC/grid (using appropriate charger) in-vehicle DC-DC charging and/or solar
  • Parallel capability – up to 4 units (discharge current remains 250A)
  • Strong metal case with easy to install fixing system – designed for in vehicle use
  • Built in multi safety protection from BMS including over temperature, over current, low temperature, short circuit
  • 2 x USB output and 1 x 12Vdc 10A sockets for device charging and powering 12V loads directly




Battery Type : Lithium Ion – LiFePO4
Nominal voltage/charge voltage : 12.8V/14.6V
Battery Capacity : 120Ah/1500Wh
Discharge current : Continuous 200A (2300W continuous power inverter connection) Max. 250A (3000W power inverter – 5 minutes)
Charging options : Max. 100A (approx 1.5 hours)
Ports : 2 x USB (2.1A)/ 1 x 12VDC 10A socket/ 2 x 50A anderson (input/output)
Dimensions : 470 x 115 x 255mm
Weight : 16Kg
Operating temperature : -10 deg C to +50 deg C
Warranty : 2 years

Battery Cycle Life : > 2000 cycles

Supplied Accessories :

Terminal connectors + insulated terminal covers
Metal feet fixing kit with screws
Anderson connector covers