Portable Diesel Heater


Portable 2kw Diesel Heater for dry air heating almost anywhere.



Dry heat is invaluable in cooler months and the most efficient way of producing that off-grid is using one of the very efficient diesel heaters.  Bear Tough has taken one of these and created a portable form-factor which means you can have dry warm air heating almost anywhere.

Utilising the latvian made Autoterm Air 2D diesel heater and our own in-house manufactured proprietary parts, a full heating systems fits into a Frontrunner Wolfbox Pro high-lid.  Weather sealing and travel covers means this unit can be mounted to the outside of your vehicle when not in use.

  • 5L fuel tank for many hours of use even in freezing weather.
  • Efficient 2kw Autoterm Air 2D diesel heater.
  • Waterproof plugs for the 12v and controller sockets.
  • Twist-lock fittings for fresh and heated air ducts and covers.
  • Quiet fuel-pump for less intrusive noise at night.

ALWAYS use a carbon monoxide alarm with a diesel heater.
ALWAYS use both inlet and heated air ducting to ensure only clean air is heated and pumped into the accomodation area.


(Picture shows our original heater mounted in a standard wolf box with 2.5l fuel tank, this has now been superseded as per the description above).