Egon DC-Hub 2.0 Combo Kit


Available on back-order




Bear Tough is proud to announce that we’re a UK and European distributor for the Egon DC-Hub and have stock ready to ship.

These kits are used in our Expedtion Power builds in the workshop and are now available for you to order for your own builds.


DC-Hub Bracket
Transparent Cover
DC-Hub 2.0


As seen on Andrew St Pierre White’s YouTube channel 4xoverland, the Egon DC-Hub 2.0 is changing the way in which 12 and 24v electrics are installed.  Reducing labour costs and increasing reliabiliy and in-field servicability, even a novice can quickly and easily identify faults.



  • Connects all your DC systems
  • No expert knowledge needed
  • Clean install
  • Compatible with DC/DC chargers, solar controllers and smart solenoids
  • 150A max current capability
  • 10 x 25A Outlet; 2 x 50A Outlet; 1 x 80A Outlet
  • Fuse failure LEDs
  • Saves hours of installation work and components
  • Integrated fuse box
  • Mounting and protection bracket sold separately
  • 12 & 24V Compatible



  • Aux battery 150A max
  • Start battery 60A max
  • Unregulated solar
  • Regulated solar
  • DC-DC Charger 60A max

Fused Outputs

  • High-capacity output 80A max
  • General 50A max
  • Dual input/output 50A max
  • 10 x 25A general output
  • 3 x 80A high output

Fuse Failure Indicators

Should a fuse blow the corresponding red LED will glow, indicating a failure. Fault-tracing then becomes effortless.

Spare Fuse Holders

  • Large x 3
  • Small x 5


  • width 267 mm
  • depth 108mm
  • 55mm height


  • 2 years