A range of materials are used to construct Bear Tough products where their attributes match the strict specifications demanded by our rigourously tested designs. We design and build our products in-house in our UK workshop. The core of our storage and kitchen systems is marine grade birch ply. This not only provides high strength to low weight, but also offers innate “give” ensuring our systems survive even the harshest of expeditions. Each system is carefully designed before being accurately cut and shaped. The parts are then assembled using a combination of mechanical and adhesive fixatives before being prepped for paint. A tough weather-proof black finish is then applied to the exterior of our products with a hard wearing clear finish on internal surfaces. Finally everything is then hand assembled and tested before being boxed and shipped directly from our workshop to your door. Our engineered glide slides are the result of extensive testing of industrial plastics. They offer a very hard-wearing, low-friction, low-weight and simple slide, ideal for Overland and Expedition use. Even after extended exposure to dirty environments, a quick wipe over and application of silicon spray will have them running as new.


Starting with your brief firstly a set of CAD drawings are created specifically for your project.  These go through multiple iterations until we have your design perfected for your needs.


Parts are cut using CNC to tenth of a milimeter accuracy.  This ensures not only very strong functional joinery but perfect form.


Utilising the most suitable adhesives and fixtures for each individual project and assembled by hand.


Your chosen finish is then applied – our preferred is a 2 part textured enhanced-tough finish which ensures that your build will look good and withstand the harshest conditions.


Where available all of the parts for each module of a Bear Tough build is sourced from the UK. 

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