Out In The Wild

Bear Tough Tested

Fitting four people and everything they need for extended Overland travel in a 4×4 whilst keeping it accessible was the challenge we faced and why Bear Tough was born.  Now we travel at every opportunity in our #BuiltBearTough Overlander testing the equipment we supply and manufacture.

Rig buildout details

Base Vehicle: 2013 Mitsubishi Shogun
Vehicle Modifications: +200kg increase payload rear springs, Roof Rack, 3rd row seat delete.
Accomodation: 2.2m Roof Top Tent, Awning.
Bear Tough upgrades: Full Overland Electrical installation, Expedition Kitchen & Storage, Fridge Slide & Storage, Water Tank and plumbing.

system overview

Our original development system, fitted to the rear of our Overland Mitsubishi Shogun.

Expedition Kitchen allowed us to go from driving to boiling the kettle in 30 seconds (a must in the Outer Hebridies in May!). 

Onward Storage Drawer easily held enough food for a weeks travel for 4 people.

Fridge Slide allowing easy access to our fridge where vital drinks were stored at the perfect temperature…

Onward Double Storage Drawers with internal deviders held each persons wash bags and clothes.  Quick access for those morning ablutions and costume changes. 

Each module is removeable, and the entire setup can be removed in less than 10 minutes using an allen key to remove the bolts.

Contact us today to discuss your build and how we can help make your storage needs a reality.

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